Fuck No, Montreal

It's very European!

[Circles January 1, 2021, on the calendar. Waits patiently.]
Oh Kraft Konspiracy Theorist. Never leave us. 
You know you’re a Montrealer when you see this and don’t even think of taking a photo let alone posting one and then your friend from out of town explains that it is really kind of odd and that is quite a large umbrella.
Montreal taggers, still sticking it to The Man (aka the young, hardworking entrepreneur behind this excellent local business).
Classic weekend in Mile-End.
That thing where you realize that the only free English paper in your neighbourhood is The Senior Times so you just shrug and read about 10 Fun Ways to Get More Fibre.
Oh thank god. Almost managed to enjoy this delicious day in the park without your acoustic guitar, some slackliners, a guy playing with his drone and another dude who kept moving his blanket closer and closer to ours. Phew. THANK YOU FOR SHARING YOUR GIFT WITH THE WORLD.
Thanksnothanks. Also, come on, where’s MilEau?
The Montreal Gazette presents: life goals.

Sinkhole opens on de Maisonneuve in NDG BUT IT'S COOL THERE'S A CONE NEXT TO IT

If sinkholes swallowed busted up bicycles, we’d be set!

Like all good Montrealers, we have some money riding on when exactly the Grey Gardens house will collapse (you know, the one on Esplanade across from the tennis courts) and that bottom roof is the lowest we’ve ever seen it. Surely it can’t handle another snowfall… right? Even if we swore the same thing last year?

so during the night last night, someone gained entry into the church basement hosting puces pop a fair i was vending at. i lost 1,940$ wourth of items, some including one of a kind pieces that meant a lot to me, as well as all of my business cards.

there were 6 other people who were victims of the theft, which was, as ironic as it may sound, almost curated. the jewelry and apparel all sharing a certain aesthetic, and most of them from people that traditionally sold well at this particular fair. the whole thing feels very weird and heisty, with the locks having been picked, and some tables full of jewelry left untouched next to others picked clean.

—   From a post by Garrett Johnson who sells jewelry under the name Blessed Poppy and had stuff stolen at Puces POP. A few of the other artists have campaigns on Go Fund Me and all are telling Montrealers (and Torontonians, and New Yorkers) to keep their eyes open for their stolen wares – the thief took business cards, too, so they may try to sell pieces directly to shops or even at another craft fair.
Please please please say this is just a pretty little structure in Jeanne-Mance park and not the leftovers from some godawful cowboy-and-Indian-themed frosh party.

Apartment listing or art project?

Spotted downtown! Near Holts! This is serious! 
Also, now you know: it’s ‘vapotez’ (at least in Quebec. Will check France later).