Fuck No, Montreal

It's very European!

Saw this new restaurant opening downtown. Saddest thing is that they don’t even have the potential pun that they’re calling for in English. (Hungry birds - Angry birds)

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What is the police union’s protest tactic here, exactly, with their uniforms? Looking extra hunky?

Woman plucks and eats raw bird on Montreal Metro (still not as bad as people who take Arby’s onto the airplane) (CBC)

ETA So it seems she’s from Nunavik and can’t understand the commotion as this was basically just eating a snack. Which, okay, fine, to each her own cuisine/culture/concept of personal space. But this is still somewhere between clipping your nails and eating an egg salad sandwich within two feet of any stranger.

The shop formerly known as Vape Dogg. Obviously.
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These are Swarovski-encrusted e-cigarettes from the new place near Schwartz’s (next to the other new place near Schwartz’s) and not, as one might presume from the packaging, vaginal douches c.1978.


Montreal: Still using ‘2K’ in business names all over the place.

Oh my god you CAN predict… the present.

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Shut it down. Just… shut the whole thing down.
Spotted on July 20 in Mile-End. Five more days ‘til reverse Xmas!
Saddest graffiti ever at Alexandraplatz.
We were holding out for the last curbed Xmas tree but this might just beat them all.
Is this just Old Montreal or is there a theme park down there that we don’t know about?

Hi, children of Montreal? Here’s your nightmare fodder for the next 30 years. It’s called The Peanut Butter Solution, it was shot in this city, and we think it’s totally fine to show it to you in elementary school. (Spoiler alert: He puts it on his pubes.)

Spotted in the bus stop outside the Ubisoft building. Whatever ad agency is behind this must have a branch devoted just to Mile-End. Well, work’s work.